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HCP & Organization Insights

Improve Performance at Every Level of Your Organization with Detailed HCP and Organizational Insights

  • CRM—Tailor commercial actions with better information about your customers
  • Transparency—Develop precise spending reports for transparency at an individual level
  • Direct Marketing—Increase open rates for direct marketing campaigns
  • Communication—Verify HCPs and drive qualified traffic to your website
  • Sales & Marketing—Effectively segment and target customers for optimal ROI
  • Data Management—Easily consolidate data sources from across your organization

Gain a 360° View of your Clients—Critical for Commercial Success Across the Entire Organization

Superior Market Insights

  • Actionable—We grow our customer insights to fit our clients’ business needs. Every year we provide a differentiating insight that is business-oriented and can quickly drive real action plans.
  • Reliable—In a rapidly changing environment, we implement processes and network confirmation to help ensure that our insights are always fresh, compliant and as accurate as possible. We manage data privacy laws in our processes to remain compliant with all local and regional data requirements.
  • Accessible—Speed up data search, analysis and ROI with anytime, anywhere access to data. All of our Market Insights are available in the cloud, accessible in real time and on demand.

OneKeyTM Helps You Gain Access to Essential Market Insights into HCPs and Organizations

  • Validated information includes 14.3m HCPs and 1m HCOs and affiliations through OneKey™
  • Cloud-based technology allows anytime, anywhere access to insights

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Discover Local Decision Makers and Influencers

Understand and measure the prescribers in your local markets:

  • Optimize and prioritize your promotion, contracting and account management resources across all stakeholders to compete effectively in local markets
  • QuintilesIMS’s IDN Impact provides advanced analytics that enable commercial leaders to understand the dynamics between key stakeholders at the local level—and how they collectively influence treatment decisions

Focus on Strategic Sales

Let us carry data stewardship and compliance responsibilities:

  • Our data is continuously validated by a team of more than 700 research associates worldwide
  • Their deep market knowledge helps gather the information that really matters to your country-specific audience

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