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Market Assessment, Segmentation & Forecasting

Maximize Your Sales, Marketing and R&D Potential

Make informed decisions and develop better strategies with the gold standard in healthcare information, advanced technologies and expert services.

QuintilesIMS’s market assessment, segmentation and forecasting solutions enable you to quickly and accurately examine and evaluate:

  • Market size and viability
  • Geographic expansion opportunities
  • Therapy area potential
  • Product differentiation and demand

Unparalleled Insights on Global, Regional and Local Markets

Develop better strategies with anytime, anywhere access to our unmatched breadth and depth of data:

  • Leverage the industry’s leading resource of global granular information
  • Gain a standardized view of data across many dimensions including sales, Rx, diseases, distribution channels and product segments
  • Identify the impact of market events with relevant, up-to-date data
  • Pinpoint growth potential utilizing advanced analytical tools and local-market expertise

View 100+ Markets in an Integrated, Analytic Platform

Our industry-leading MIDAS platform collects and standardizes national-level audits of sales and medical data to allow accurate cross-country comparisons

Get Secure, Evidence-Based and Executive-Ready Insights with QuintilesIMS’s Analytics Link™

With QuintilesIMS’s Analytics Link™ you can drive better performance with insights derived from our proprietary data and primary market research, delivered via advanced visualization and functionality. 

Key features:

  • Provides five-year historical sales performance by geography, therapeutic area, company and product across 70+ countries
  • Supports a critical understanding of market changes for protected and unprotected drugs and various distribution channels

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Face the Future With Confidence

Gain a competitive advantage with innovative forecasting tools and customized insights, including 5- and 10-year market outlooks by country. 

  • Determine if a market warrants investment
  • Develop a compelling brand strategy
  • Evaluate a product's likelihood of success
  • Consider emerging economic and healthcare-related issues by country
  • Understand macro trends shaping the market
  • Validate a company's own forecasts to establish annual targets
  • Set and manage performance expectations

Interested in learning more about how QuintilesIMS’s market assessment,segmentation and forecasting can help you succeed?  Let us know how we can help you: